Cambridge River Festival - Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge River Festival – Cambridge, Massachusetts

My friend Anna and I moseyed on over to the Cambridge River Festival – which, due to construction, was held in Central Square and not actually on the river – today.  There were lots of artists and vendors, music, and performers.  It was great fun! I even bought a cute glass frog to add to my collection of crawly animal figurines.

balloon,child,people,photograph,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

Woman,hulahoop,photograph,people,Cambridge River Festival,Cambridge, Massachusetts

street,chalk,art,people,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Girl,hula,hoop,street,Cambridge River Festival, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Looks like a wonderful event! :)

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Remembering Moments - Cannon Beach, Oregon

Remembering Moments – Cannon Beach, Oregon

I took these with my iPhone then edited in VSCO Cam (also available for android users).  In the silhouette photos I learned that I couldn’t click at the moment my 12-year-old dancer jumped.  When I did that, I ended up missing her jumps since they happened pretty fast.  Instead, I clicked just a second before and that did it!  It’s all about timing.  It would have been easier if I had the DSLR…

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Vintage Furniture - Seattle, Washington

Vintage Furniture – Seattle, Washington

I want to tell you a quick love story.

It all started while my man and I were wandering through a new-to-me Goodwill last weekend. I spotted the beautiful, golden mid-century desk from across the room. As I walked quickly towards it, I noticed its slender legs and wonderfully sized drawers.

desk,toe,jeans,Vintage Furniture ,Seattle, Washington

The decision to purchase was only slightly difficult as I had had a long, moving-furniture kind of week.…

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